Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Fashionable Theatre

An extraordinary exhibition in Rome to celebrate the alchemy between fashion and theatre

The relationship between fashion and theatre is the subject of a magnificent exhibition taking place in Rome that will showcase the creations made for theatrical shows - Opera and Ballet included - by some of the greatest Italian designers. Hosted within the premises of the Museo della Fondazione, Roma, the exhibition entitled "Il Teatro alla Moda. Costume di scena. Grandi Stilisti" is a collection of theatre costumes, sketches, drawings and documentary videos created for theatre by the biggest names in the Italian fashion business.

The title itself refers to the satirical pamphlet "Il Teatro alla Moda" (The Fashionable Theatre) written by Benedetto Marcello first published anonymously in 1720. It is only in the 20th century that these two worlds - fashion and theatre - apparently rather aloof from each other begin to intertwine producing unique results. Theatre has always provided the perfect ground to start cultural revolutions and it is right on a stage that artists found they could let their imagination run free to experiment with innovative set designs and extravagant costumes. Quoted by Vogue Italia