Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fidgy's Spring/Summer Trend Guide Style Report. What to wear to keep on trend for this Spring.

The categories I have researched for being spring's style trends are;

1. Tangerine (color) being a popular color on the runway for the collections and for magazine editorials.
2. Polka Dots
3. Mid length skirts
4. White Noise. White being the new black and  along with having a nude color moment.
5. Designers being inspired by the 70's
6. Color madness- Neon colors along with bold and bright colors while color blocking pieces to make a fun complete look.
7. A new spin on denim
8. Making Room for the Wide Leg pant.
9. Layering Jewelry
10. Bigger is better- Oversized handbags
11. Jungle creatures-Animal prints
12. Double platform on pumps, wedges and sandals.
13. Lace
14. Prints and stripes
15. Modern Craft
16. Mixed Materials (Tribal inspired)
17. wide shape belts, skinny belts, patent leather and bright colored belts.
Alexander Wang
Marc Jacobs
Elie Tahari
Micheal Kors
Louis Vuitton
Roberto Cavalli